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Rigid Waveguide Components

Numerous waveguide products from WR2300 down to WR6 and Double Ridge.

Waveguides are offered in different alloys such as aluminium, copper, brass and with different finish.

  • Straight rigid sections

  • Twists, E and H plan bends

  • Hybrids : rigid + flex assemblies

  • All type of couplers (crossguide, directionnal, hybrid), loads, pressure windows

  • Waveguide to coaxial transitions, Waveguide to waveguide transitions

  • Switching networks for satcom applications. Filters and duplexers

  • Hardware and gasket kits for all type of waveguides (EIA, IEC)


All products are electrically tested and tuned.

Some complementary tests can be provided such as pressure test, mechanical report.

Nom du produit
Nom du produit
Nom du produit
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