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MEGA Industries et FERRITE Microwave Technologies fusionnent

Mega Industries LLC and Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) announced the closing of a merger of their companies now operating under a new holding company called Microwave Techniques LLC. The combination of the Mega and Ferrite (FMT) product lines creates a world leader in high-power microwave systems and components, offering a single source to meet the most demanding high-energy microwave needs: circulators, loads, flexible and rigid waveguides, combiners, coaxial components as well as a complete line of microwave heating and heating systems.

ARVA-RF thus extends its offer for waveguide and coaxial isolator/circulator components for high microwave power.

Flex/twist hangers

Flexiguide has developed a versatile support solution for Flexible
Waveguides. They reduce the damage caused by wind vibration thereby
extending the lifetime of the Waveguide. Suitable for both pole mounting and
clamping to flat structures. Multi angle adjustment and positioning.

Rotary Joints

Diamond Antenna & Microwave, World leader in studying and manufacturing microwave rotary joints in coaxial and/or waveguides, has chosen ARVA-RF to be an official distributor in France.

Pressure & contact Shims

MegaSeal® integrated gaskets are designed to provide an optimized electrical and mechanical seal.

The elevated electrical sealing surface of the MegaSeal® is machined into the aluminum carrier plate (RoHS) ensuring that the RF energy is contained inside the waveguide where it belongs. The surface is smooth, elevated not by a mechanical knurling, but rather is machined from a sheet to be elevated from the start. This eliminates the damage caused by some other sealing structures that can require repair of the mating flange faces to remove the marks left by this destructive connection.

The MegaSeal®’s compliant gasket material is rugged and allows for leak-free pressurization of standard flat flanged waveguide systems. This removes the need to specify flange grooving details and connect components in any orientation for future projects.

Thermal Platforms

ARVA-RF becomes the French representative for Environmental Stress Systems Inc (USA).

ESS manufactures thermal platfoms for temperature tests from -100°C to 150°C, using cryogenic gaz or mechanical refrigeration.

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