ARVA RF is a company specialized in the distribution of RF and Microwave products and systems.

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Who are we?

ARVA RF offers a wide range of waveguide products, with solutions in rigid and in flexibles parts. This range has been made possible as we gathered all products from the best companies in Europe and USA, internationally known for the quality of both their products and the provided service.

ARVA RF is also offering microwave products such as:

  • Low pass, pass band filters up to 40 GHz 
  • Isolators and circulators, coaxial or waveguide types
  • Passive and active components for telecommunication, spacial and defense markets
  • Feed chain antennas & complete antennas in SHF, X, Ku , Ka... for military or civilian applications
  • Ultra-high performance cables up to 67 GHz


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