Rigid Waveguide Components

Waveguides are offered in different alloys such as aluminium, copper, brass and with different finish.

Numerous waveguide products from WR2300 down to WR6 and Double Ridge.

  • • Straight rigid sections
  • • Twists, E and H plan bends
  • • Hybrids : rigid + flex assemblies
  • • All type of couplers (crossguide, directionnal, hybrid), loads, pressure windows
  • • Waveguide to coaxial transitions, Waveguide to waveguide transitions
  • • Hardware and gasket kits for all type of waveguides (EIA, IEC)
  • • Switching networks for satcom applications. Filters and duplexers

The materials we offer: Aluminum, Copper, Brass with various finishes.

All products are electrically tested and tuned.

Some complementary tests can be provided such as pressure test, mechanical report.

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